Let them read – the library is open!

Nothing feels more satisfying and makes happier than seeing the outcome of an idea that the CIA school and the SCHRAMM Connection had two years ago. Persistent fundraising, generous donors, including Noemi’s old Kantonsschule in Kreuzlingen, and a lot of community efforts contributed to the newly built library at the CIA school in Nyandeyama. The library has received a first stock of youth and young adults books from a book drive in the US, and the SCHRAMM Connection will add textbooks to the selection. Madam Margaret Suwu organised shelves from the local supermarket, and the local carpenter is still working on more tables and chairs, that will allow the students to use the library as a learning and resource center. Watch for yourself: video


Expanding | Mehr!

Thanks to a generous donation, the CIA school can expand their structures. Five different plans are discussed right now:

  1. School library
  2. Additional classrooms
  3. Staff room
  4. Home Economic center
  5. Concrete fence around the school to ensure security

Do you have an opinion on what would make sense? Let us know 🙂

Dank einer grosszuegigen Spende aus der Schweiz kann die CIA Schule expandieren. Verschiedene Projekte werden momentan diskutiert:

  1. Eine Bibliothek
  2. Mehr Schulzimmer
  3. Ein Lehrerzimmer
  4. Ein Hauswirtschaftszentrum
  5. Sicherheitszzaun um die Schule

Habt ihr Ideen oder eine Meinung dazu? Lasst mich wissen 🙂

Give | Spenden

We aim to be as transparent as possible and will keep bureaucracy at a minimum. We are a small organisation and are connected in passion and love – hence the low-level organisation. Any  items that you would like to donate (e.g. mobile phones, glasses, USB sticks, laptops, etc), get in touch with Noemi. Any financial support is always welcome, please donate via paypal or ask for the designated bank account for a standing order setup.

Wir wollen so transparent wie möglich sein und werden daher den administrativen Aufwand so klein wie moeglich halten.

Als kleine Organisation, die vor allem aus persönlichen Kontakten gewachsen ist, wird die Administration klein gehalten – wir bitten um Verständnis! Falls ihr gerne andere Dinge spenden möchtet – Handys, Brillengestelle, USB Speichersticks, Laptops oder ähnliches – meldet euch direkt bei Noemi! Spenden am besten ueber Paypal, einfach hier klicken (fuer Bankdaten fuer Dauerauftraege meldet euch bei mir):

DANKE vielmals, ihr lieben! Merci tuusig!


Ibrahim is a young professional working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. He has a one year old son (and obviously future great football player) called Ibrahim Junior and a very smart wife named Hawa. He was quarantined in January 2015 because there were two Ebola cases in his compound. Food was supplied to him during the 21 days, but no provisions were made for Ibrahim Junior, who obviously has different needs as a baby. The Schramm Connection provided him with money for baby food and other needed supplies. They were released out of quarantine after 21 days and Ibrahim is happily playing football again for a local club called FC Plantain – and obviously hoping for Ibrahim Junior to join him soon on the football field.

Ibrahim doing his work as Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Ibrahim doing his work as Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Ibrahim and his baby son receiving donated money during their 21 days in quarantine

Ibrahim and his baby son receiving donated money during their 21 days in quarantine

Welcome to a world of passion and potential

We are all part of it: passionate and with high potential. The Schramm Connection wants to foster people with these features in Sierra Leone through different projects. This is our platform – welcome! We love to connect with you!

Wir sind alle Teil davon: leidenschaftlich und mit viel Potential. Die Schramm Connection will Leute mit diesen Eigenschaften in Sierra Leone fördern mittels verschiedenen Projekten. Wir freuen uns, mit dir zu connecten!