Welcome to a world of passion and potential

We are all part of it: passionate and with high potential. The Schramm Connection wants to foster people with these features in Sierra Leone through different projects. This is our platform – welcome! We love to connect with you!

Wir sind alle Teil davon: leidenschaftlich und mit viel Potential. Die Schramm Connection will Leute mit diesen Eigenschaften in Sierra Leone fördern mittels verschiedenen Projekten. Wir freuen uns, mit dir zu connecten!

One thought on “Welcome to a world of passion and potential

  1. gudrun jäger says:

    Hi Noemi!
    Your stories are really great! I especially enjoyed the sofa stories and the ones from the lion mountains…. some of the mentioned way of livings sounds familiar to me!
    Its a pity that I could not open some of the photos, but I will keep on trying!
    Best wishes from icy Switzerland!


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