30 seconds of fame

So, I had my own 30 seconds of fame, as I suddenly appeared on the cover page of the Schweizer Familie, as well as the article about Sierra Leone being chosen as one of 12 best articles of the year 2018. If you speak German, enjoy:

Artikel in Schweizer Familie: “Ich will hier bleiben”

19.01.2018 : Freetown (Sierra Leone): Noemi Schramm.

A personal account from the CIA school

This is the annual report submitted by the CIA school:

UPDATE ON THE SCHOOL –April 2015-April 2016


Community Initiative Academy started as a community concern expressed by 80% of parents in the Nyandeyama Community on the following grounds:

  • The growing number of primary schools and JSS Pupils within the locality
  • To rid these children from the long distances they cover to attend secondary schools outside the community, and the flooding of streams at crossing points between Nyandeyama and the Kenema City.
  • Above all, to reduce the burden of overhead transport costs on parents, as well as the risk of road accidents to which pupils were exposed.

ACTIVITIES: The inaugural meeting for the establishment of the school was held by the founding members and key stakeholders of the Nyandeyama community on the 7th April 2010; the founding members include:

  1. Chief Benson A. Suwu
  2. Eddie Moigua Senesie
  3. Abdul K. Kalifa
  4. Issa Roberts
  5. Fatu Jayah
  6. Abdul K. Sesay
  7. Margaret A-K Suwu
  8. Susan Dugba
  9. Fatmata Suwu
  10. Baindu Koroma
  11. Bob-Joe Sandy

Community Stakeholders include:

  1. Chief Aloysius Vandy Suwu
  2. Alhaji Bockarie Karimu
  3. Chief Momoh Thorlie
  4. Alhaji Suliaman Bah
  5. F K Mansaray ( late)
  6. Alhaji A S. Gbla
  7. Francis Koroma

The foundation for the Three-classroom block was laid on the 8th May 2010, with funds raised from contributions made by founding members.

The structure was raised to wall height and roofed in August 2010 with funds from the proprietor and donations from appeal letters sent to community stakeholders.  Initial fund for the fourth classroom was donated by Hon. P. C Madam Mamie G. Gamanga (Le 1,000,000.00). This four-classroom structure was used for classes in it unfinished state for three years.

The payment of stipend for teachers and finishing of the school building remained a huge challenge for the school Management.

The Management of the school continued to send out appeal letters to various organisations and individuals. It was such a letter that was responded to by Noemi Schramm.

They have raised support among friends and family in Switzerland and have subsequently been able to support the payment of stipend to 12 teachers in the school since May 2015 to date. They also funded the finishing of the four-classroom building in April 2015 and supported the one-side facing of the school compound and fixing of the gate at the entrance in 2016.

The generous donors from Switzerland also made a special donation of one million Leones towards the excellent performance of pupils at the 2014 BECE National exams.

In cooperation with Noemi, we have also sent in an application for school Library to African Library Project of Rise Network.

The Section Chief has promised to provide additional land space for the construction of the Library.  Several other stakeholders have given their support to the development of the school. Skilled personnel like masons, carpenters, painters and plumbers have rendered their services. Community youths have also provided unskilled labour.

Parents, through their PTA organisations have supported the school in their own way.

The Section Chief has promised the people of Nyandeyama, the provision of quality Education for the children in his community. (I will continue to lobby for support he lamented)

The teachers remain committed to teaching as a result of the payment of stipends. They are still awaiting Government recruitment / approval for payment of salaries. It is yet too frustrating for teachers who have taught for six years without Government approval. Had it not been the support from our good friends, we wonder what would have been the situation. We just say thank you.

There had also being a steady increase in the enrolment of pupils in the school. This could be looked at as achievement, but the other side is the need for expansion; additional classrooms, more furniture and more teachers.

The National exam (BECE) is coming up in July for this year. It is the fourth set of pupils for the exam and with the highest number of pupils. This means more efforts on the side of the teachers, which also demands adequate incentives.

However, amidst all of these there is great hope ahead.

Faithfully submitted

Margaret Suwu


Madam Suwu and Chief Suwu

The brain behind the CIA: Madam Suwu

Construction in progress | Schule bauen!

The CIA school in Kenema has been busy fixing the roof and remaining two classrooms, as well as the latrine. It also gave the whole building a lovely blue coat! Look at the pictures for some impressions.
The teachers received part of their salaries (they shared the money we sent to them) and are super happy – they say THANKS!

Die CIA Schule in Kenema war die letzten Wochen sehr beschäftigt mit der Fertigstellung des Daches, der letzten zwei Klassenzimmer und der Latrine. Sie haben die ganze Schule wunderschön blau angemalt! Schaut euch die Bilder an für mehr Eindrücke.
Die Lehrer haben teil ihres Lohnes erhalten (sie haben das Geld unter sich geteilt) und sind überglücklich – sie sagen DANKE SCHÖN!!!

Pay a teacher, change the future | Lehrerpatenschaften

Teachers are influencing our future – child by child. So why not motivate them in doing a great job? You can pay the salary of a teacher. Sierra Leonean teachers receive about 900,000 Leones a month. A big number, that turns small once exchanged into US dollars: it is about 120 US Dollars (120 Swiss Francs, 90 Pounds) per month for secondary school teachers and less for primary school teachers. You can pay all of it or part-time. Motivate a teacher, change the life of many children and henceforth our future!

Find a list with teachers to sponsor here for secondary school and here you can donate easily:

Lehrer beeinflussen unsere Zukunft – ein Kind nach dem anderen. Lehrer verdienen es, für gute Arbeit belohnt zu werden: übernimm den Lohn eines Lehrers und werde Pate oder Patin! Sierra Leonische Lehrer verdienen 900‘000 Leones pro Monat, was eine grosse Nummer ist, aber ziemlich klein wird, sobald in Dollars gerechnet wird: es sind umgerechnet 120 US-Dollars (120 Schweizer Franken, 90 Pfund) für SekundarschullehrerInnen. Im Monat. Werde Götti oder Gotti eines Lehrers und bezahle ihm seinen Lohn, oder zumindest einen Teil davon.

Hier ist eine Liste mit SekundarschullehrerInnen, die noch Unterstützung brauchen und hier kannst Du einfach Teil davon werden: